Our campaign to protect Westernport's ongoing threats of construction of an International Container Terminal & Hydrogen Gas from Brown Coal & Industrialisation, Westernport, Victoria, Australia .


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Westernport Bay is located South -East of the centre of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  It is bordered by the Mornington Peninsula to the West, the Koo Wee Rup Plain to the North, and to the east by the South Gippsland Hills to the East.  Phillip Island, French Island and Churchill Island all sit in the Bay.  It home to the Churchill Island Marine Park, French Island Marine Nation Park & Yaringa Marine National Park.  It is also home to the Bunyip Food Belt which produces some of the states freshest most sought after Produce. The Entire Bay North and East of Phillip Island is a Ramsar Site. It is not only environmentally precious to the lucky residents that call it home but is enjoyed by Millions of Tourists every year.

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