Our History

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What a debt of gratitude, we, the residents of Phillip Island and waterline towns owe
to the Preserve Western Port Action Group. I wonder if the next battle to protect this
region will be against man or nature. Whichever way it goes, I feel heartened that the
passion and tenacity of the locals in bygone days are still very much alive and well in
Western Port.
— Pamela Rothfield - Mayor- Bass Coast Shire

“To save Westernport today. For tomorrow. By providing information, communication
and support to Phillip Island and other Westernport communities on the threat posed
by the proposed expansion on the Port of Hastings or any threat to the amenity of
— Preserve Western Port Action Group

“PWPAG members are proud Bass Coast residents/ratepayers who have a deep
commitment to preserving Western Port and its surrounds for what it is today and for
future generations to enjoy the peace, tranquillity and outstanding natural
environment that is, ‘our Bay’.
Western Port Bay has been a major part of my life for 65 years. I’ve fished it on land
and water since that time. Swam in it and had four generations of my family love and
respect it.”
— Kevin Chambers

“In the 60 years that I have lived on Phillip Island, there have been a number of
proposals that threatened the integrity and environmental future of Western Port.
I believed the proposal to develop a Container Port at Hastings was “the mother of
them all”.
— Anne Davie - President - Phillip Island Conservation Society

“We have actually further moved conservation awareness into the state, national and
international scene. We have guided key stakeholders from a complete lack of
knowledge and lack of understanding regarding marine life, the whales and the ecotourism
that exists in the region (and how important Western Port is to all of that) to
raising that profile locally, at the State Government level, at the Federal Government
level and Internationally through Sea Sheperd. It is now more widely recognised that
we have a significant marine environment in our region that drives our regional
I think we have lifted the value of Western Port virtually from a low base to a
nationally known resource that needs to be preserved, protected, defended and
— Jeff Nottle - Chairman - Preserve Westernport Action Group

Thank you to all our supporters who signed our petitions, promoted our cause by buying stickers, T-shirts and banners, shared social media posts and turned up to our rallies and meetings. We owe a huge debt of thanks to Jeff Nottle and the entire team of the Preserve Westernport Action Group as well as those community leaders who took up our cause and to everybody who supports our magnificent Westernport Bay.
May we continue to Preserve Westernport Today. For Tomorrow .