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The Business case is on the table. 

Here is a link to the proposed Car Ferry Business Plan and Proposed location.

The Phillip Island Conservation Society are holding a Public meeting 'Ferry Facts & Fantasies' on Saturday March 10th at the St Philips Parish Hall in Thompson Avenue Cowes (opposite Coles) Everyone is welcome. We will have a panel of speakers for both in favour and against the proposal as outlined in the business case. 

Page 156 onwards lists a number of vulnerable and critically endangered species of bird.... please read the business plan and come along armed with your questions.

Here is a link to the Bass Coast Shire page on the Car Ferry

We already have a passenger Ferry Service

Did you know there is already a passenger ferry from Stony Point to Phillip Island? Its easy to use - Catch the train to Frankston, jump across to the Stony point connection and jump aboard the passenger ferry. Its cheap - you can leave your car at home and it already exists. 

For timetable and prices visit PTV

Come and visit Phillip Island. You don't even need a car!