Western Port hit with a New Development Proposal

Western Port Bay could become home to a $250 million gas terminal, according to plans released by one of Australia major Energy Providers AGL.

The news is a blow to campaigners, coming just 3 months after they celebrated the Victorian Governments announcement that the Port of Hastings would not be expanded and industrialized.

AGL issued a press release last week announcing that Crib Point in Westernport was the preferred site for a gas import jetty and pipeline to increase energy security and supply for customers in South Eastern Australia.

"Crib Point is best placed to serve Victoria, Australias biggest Gas market, as well as take advantage of the existing pipeline network, industrial port facility and associated infrastructure' said Richard Wrightson, AGL executive general manager of wholesale markets.

He said AGL would commence construction in 2019 and bring the terminal into operation by 2020/21."

'The irony for Phillip Island is that we do not have gas connection on the island.'  says Jeff Nottle Chairman of Westernport Action Group. "The gas hub proposal is a clear sign our energy policies have failed our community. Energy prices are going up yet Phillip Island still has no commitment for gas connection for residents or business".

'The other concern we have is with the associated pollution. With the increase in maritime traffic, it will have an effect on the environment boating and tourism. Whale striking is a real issue. It will have an impact on eco-tourism, the Whale Festival and Penguin and other shore bird feeding areas.'

  • The release of oil and chemicals through accidental spills and operational discharges,
  • The transfer of alien species through ballast water and on ship hulls
  • Dumping of sewage and garbage
  • Air Pollutants, through Sulphur Dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxides
  • Physical and other damage through dropping of anchors, noise and wave disturbance along with striking of whales and marine mammals.

We are seeking further information from AGL and will keep our local stakeholders informed of further developments.

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