Unwelcome - Brown Coal based Hydrogen project - Hastings

The Federal and State Government’s announcement that hydrogen would be shipped from the Port of Hastings to Japan is unwelcome. Four industrial processes, two journeys and the wrecking of Westernport Bay by dredging and marine pests, makes this hydrogen power source for Japan definitely not clean or green. The full-blown project is unconscionable and the therefore the trial is redundant.

Kawasaki, J Power and Iwatani have proposed to export hydrogen gas from Hastings made from Loy Yang’s brown coal. This involves: partially burning brown coal at Loy Yang, using water to scrub the CO2, CO, SO2, SO3, and CH4 produced out of the emissions and pumping it underground after finding a location and method of sequestrating first, trucking of hydrogen gas to Hastings, converting it to liquid in a new plant by freezing to below -250 degrees, building a new port to export it including massive dredging of 23 million cubic metres, shipping it to Japan and converting it back to gas in Japan.

Marine Pests would kill fish stocks.

Westernport Bay currently does not have Northern Pacific Seastar and Spartina and we do not want to see empty ships from Japan full of ballast water enter Westernport Bay. While ballast water is exchanged at sea, if one seastar remains in the hull it can produce thousands of larvae. The proposed trial threatens to bring in pests. We demand the site is monitored for years for marine pests, if a trial goes ahead and no full-blown project is begun.

Dredging would kill life in Westernport Bay.

The gas ships for the long-term proposal are of deep draught (GHD 2017) like container ships. Infrastructure Victoria ruled out Westernport Bay as an option for a container port because it would take 23 million cubic metres of dredging to build a container port at Hastings; he same amount as the channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay. Westernport’s capacity is more than ten times smaller than Port Phillip Bay’s and its seagrass could not grow to the new depths required, leading to ongoing turbidity and death. Hastings, with an average depth of 3m, cannot be a port for ships with deep draughts.

This project is a waste of money.

Westernport Bay is worth billions every year in its healthy state, and is too precious to lose.
Latrobe Valley deserves a sustainable job creation boost, not one that is likely to be another failed project.
Our governments should suspend the spending of 100 million dollars on the trial because the full-blown project is too damaging, expensive and inefficient to consider going ahead with, and therefore the trial is redundant and not worth the threat of introducing marine pests.

Tell your local representatives to stop the development before its too late

Write, Phone & Email your local representatives in Local, Victorian and Federal Government;

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Bass Coast Shire Council

Brian Paynter - Member for Bass 

Jordan Crugnale - Labor for Bass

Neil Burgess - Member for Hastings

Greg Hunt - Federal Minister for Flinders

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