Urgent - Save Westernport - No AGL Gas at Crib Point

In these photos taken last week YOU CAN SEE the storm water RUN-OFF straight into the Bay from the current works at the contaminated jetty site.

4.1 Soil samples collected during previous investigation at the study area identified concentrations of 
• heavy metals (arsenic, lead, chromium, zinc and vanadium)
• polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) 
• polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and
• perfluoroctanesulfonic acid (PFOS)

4.2 Disturbance of contaminated soil via excavation...could result in mobilisation of contaminants into more sensitive environments outside the Project Site UNLESS APPROPRIATELY MANAGED.

We KNOW from their deplorable record of regrettable environmental incidents just how incapable AGL appears to be at ensuring their projects are "appropriately managed".

The Ministers charged with deciding whether or not the AGL APA proposal is suitable MUST NOT allow themselves to be influenced by AGL or their reports that repeatedly make the glib claim:
"No referral under the Environment Effects Act is required for the potential impacts on ecological values based on the criteria for referral under the Ministerial Guidelines for assessment under the E.E. Act 1978."

ADD YOUR VOICE to the groundswell of opposition to this proposal. Visit our website SaveWesternport.org to find out how you can TAKE ACTION
• Sign our petitions, there is more than one:
• Contact the Ministers, the Media, 774 and 3AW talkback radio, write letters to the editor 
The Age- letters@theage.com.au
The Australian- https://www.theaustralian.com.au/…/62d28082bfcc8a252414cd52…
The Herald Sun- https://www.heraldsun.com.au/…/opinion/letter-to-the-editor…

• READ some of the AGL and APA reports, and let us know your responses- about Social Impact, Safety and Environmental Concerns...etc
We have JUST DAYS to make our response to their application. 
Or respond yourselves and let government and these corporations know why this project makes NO SENSE and will never be acceptable.

The APA Reports into the Pipeline and its impacts are here:

The AGL Reports for their application to government have been added to their Crib Point website, under DOCUMENTS here: https://www.agl.com.au/…/how-we-source-e…/crib-point-project

Photos by Celeste Maree

Photo of Earthworks at Crib Point Showing Toxic Run off into Westernport

Photo of Earthworks at Crib Point Showing Toxic Run off into Westernport

Toxic Earthworks at Crib Point

Toxic Earthworks at Crib Point