A huge thank you to our Supporters - We will not give up the Fight!

Our thanks go to our many supporters who recognised the economic and environmental disaster that would have been imposed on our community by the construction of a massive international container port in Westernport. 

Signing our on line petition and spreading the message across your networks all helped to expose this flawed policy and it's legislated fast track approval process. 

Clearly the message was heard and the electorate sent a message to the former Coalition Government at the recent Victorian State election. Many voters in the electorate of Bass understood that the Port of Hastings is not a Natural Deep Water Port and that significant dredging of Westernport would have been required to accommodate the 3,000 ships PA that the Coalition were proposing. Indeed 1 in 5 voters in Bass voted for a candidate that was totally opposed to the proposal.

The new Government has indicated that it will establish Infrastructure Victoria to consider and advise on the location of any future Ports in Victoria. We are aware that vested interests will be making substantial submissions to Infrastructure Victoria arguing that a massive international container port and associated industrial activities should be built in Westernport.

We remain focussed on protecting and supporting the value of the existing Westernport ecosystems, tourism and leisure industries that rely on Westernport. The marine life is the key to sustaining many of the 5,000 jobs in the region. The Phillip Island penguin colony alone is of international significance.

We urge our supporters to communicate to the current Victorian State Government and the Federal Environment Minister to stop the threat to Westernport that still exists. Our dedicated group of volunteers will be remaining vigilant and campaigning to  ensure that Westernport is protected now and forever.

Dont forget to sign our petition online as well - Once again a huge thank you for your ongoing support.

Your ongoing support will assist us and the environment.