Labor Prepares for talks on Port of Hastings - What happened to the promises at the Election?

PORTS Minister Luke Donnellan intends talking with “all parties involved” about the government’s plans for the Port of Hastings.

The government has announced Infrastructure Victoria will assess the merits of expanding Hastings or building a new port north of Geelong in Port Phillip, despite Labor candidates going into the November election with promises of “no container port in Western Port”.

However, now in government, Labor is taking a much softer line.

“As a government we do have time and we need to get the decision right on the location of Victoria’s next container port; that’s why we will commission Infrastructure Victoria to undertake a thorough assessment of how a Bay West port option stacks up against Hastings,” a spokesperson for Mr Donnellan said on Monday.

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Candidates Pinned on Port

This article appeared in the Sentinal Times 28 October, 2014 

Candidates for the Bass Electorate in the local paper. Make your vote count. If the Liberal Government are re-elected they will begin the development at Westernport.  We hope you will choose an alternative.  To find out who is running in your electorate visit ABC Victoria Votes and follow the links to find your area.