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Joint Letter to Victorian Government - Impact of Hastings Container Port #hastings #phillipisland #basscoast #environment

This morning a letter was sent the Victorian Government which is a joint submission from several local Bass Coast Stakeholders;

Westernport & Peninsula Protection Council Inc, Southern Peninsula Indigenous Flora & Fauna Association,Blue Wedges, Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth, Surfrider Foundation Australia, Victorian National Parks Association, French Island Port Stoppers  and Preserve Westernport Action Group.

The groups represented by their logos on this letter endorse the following:

Bass Coast Shire Council's Agreed Principles on the Impact of a Hastings Container Port:


1. We are opposed to any form of capital dredging, widening or deepening of channels in Westernport bay.

2. Any change in, or continuation of, the Port of Hastings operations must result in no net loss for the economy, environment and amenity.

3. The Victorian Government and Infrastructure Victoria must demonstrate and justify the need and timing for a second major container port in Victoria through comprehensive, evidence based assessment, including consideration of the current port capacity in Victoria, and via a national approach.

4. Independently verified, scientific research must form the basis of any recommendation for a second container port location in Victoria to ensure that the environmental impact is known, understood and shared with the community. Of equal importance are economic and social impacts. Specifically independent research must be undertaken on the impact on:

a) Coastline including increased erosion and inundation

b)Tourism and the impact on visitation

c)Fishing and the impact on the recreational fishing industry

d)Marine life impact including penguins and whales that enter Western Port

5. All previous research undertaken in relation to the expansion of the Port of Hastings, as well as to project and research scoping material and documents, must be made publically available with full access.

6. The recommendation of Infrastructure Victoria to the Victorian Government on the timing and location of a second container port requires a strategic government approach to fully consider the implications on:

a)Tourism impact on domestic and international visitations


c)Economic development including impact on aquifers that service food production areas

d)Fisheries including recreational fishing and the industry it supports


Here is a copy of the letter;